Arduino Project: Lock Box

Posted: April 28, 2013 by signestanton in Phys II Projects

For my Arduino project, I chose to make a box that locks and unlocks the the touch of a sensor! Luckily, this whole project was previously documented on which was ideal for my complete lack of knowledge. I followed the steps, jerry-rigging certain things to fit my own skill level, as you can see from the cupcake ductape!


The box uses an OFN (optical finger navigation) module that senses motion in the x and y directions.


With the right combination, the box will unlock, and relock again after about 5 seconds.

The inside of the box:


Sadly, all the parts take up most of the box! But, theres still some room to keep a few small valuables 😉

Signe Stanton, EH Program


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