Text Books

Posted: September 15, 2011 by lucmehl in Phys I Announcements, Phys II Announcements

As you may have already noticed, the textbook price is brutal.

I recommend finding a used text. We are using University Physics by Young and Freedman, 12th edition. We will NOT be using the Mastering Physics online kit, which is why the new books cost so much, so this should save you some money. Other editions have the same content, but the problems are numbered differently and you would need to refer to a copy of the 12th edition to do the problem set.

Amazon shows used 12th editions as low as $35:


You can also buy a paperback version of VOLUME 1 for this semester:



However, if you intend to take the 2nd semester you would need to buy Volume 2, so you should just get the complete hardcover text now.



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