Alaska is a great place to study physics!

Whether it is an earthquake you feel in the dorm, choosing a kick wax for a tour on the APU Nordic Ski trails, or digging a snow pit to access stability on the slopes at Turnagain Pass, studying physics at APU will provide you with insight to the (often surprising) behavior of the world!

Physics labs are portable kits with electronic components. You will assemble a power supply, solder clip leads, and build circuits to measure time, acceleration due to gravity, angular momentum, etc.

Physics I (SC270), Fall and Spring: Calculus-based classical mechanics.
Physics II (SC275), Spring: Calculus-based thermodynamics, electricity, and magnetism.

Landslide debris from a 2004 earthquake, Black Rapids Glacier

Using de-icer to free a skier from his binding in the Brooks Range

Snow stability at Turnagain Pass. Is it safe to descend?

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